HB Healthcare Safety® (HBHS) is a Social Benefit Corporation actively pursuing an end to all pain and suffering caused by failures in care delivery. We at HBHS believe that no one, from patients and families to the care teams, should ever suffer or die as a result of process of care or system failures. HBHS was founded through Mayo Clinic ventures by Dr. Jeanne M. Huddleston and Lacey A. Hart. 

Lacey A. Hart

Chief Operating Officer & Organizational Change Management Faculty

Lacey A. Hart is a proud farm wife, mother and business professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in health care disruption, 10 years of IT innovation & product development, and five years of enabling startup ventures.​

Jeanne M. Huddleston

Chief Executive Officer,
Systems Engineering & Leadership Faculty

Jeanne M. Huddleston is an active U.S. Army Reserves wife to an orthopedic surgeon serving multiple deployments, proud mother, and dedicated physician-engineer with over twenty years’ experience in healthcare quality and safety.​

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About Us

Restoring the Spirit of
Care Delivery

We at HBHS seek to redesign faulty systems of care and are committed to helping organizations design reliable systems that reduce burnout and support providers in delivering excellent care.

our name

What Does the 'HB'
Stand For?

Honey Badger! That’s right, that small carnivore with a reputation for being Africa’s most fearless animal despite its small size. For us, the Honey Badger has come to exemplify the qualities of a determined leader willing to do the hard work so that people can get back to taking care of people in the best way possible.

Why the Honey Badger?

We believe in the golden rule of treating others as we wish to be treated but to make that happen takes courage, resilience, tenacity, and hard work. Taking care of others is one of the hardest jobs on the planet but who takes care of the care givers? That’s where we come in. We at HBHS want to help those who have no helping hand in improving the lives of others. The qualities of a Honey Badger keep us motivated toward the task.


Honey badgers will catch large reptiles like crocodiles & pythons as well as highly venomous cobras & the feared black mamba.

Nothing is safe from the Honey Badger wit! The Honey Badger is determined to succeed & is unafraid of larger-than-life challenges.


The honey badger is known to use her wit & tools such as rocks, sticks, rakes or random objects to escape from enclosures.

The Honey Badger uses her intelligence to break free of confinement. She is naturally innovative when faced with barriers.


The honey badger is rarely spotted at waterholes as most of her water requirements are derived from food, eggs, and melons.

The Honey Badger is highly resourcesful & not only survives but thrives making use of what is at her disposal.


Honey badgers utilize their two active periods of 2-8 hours making sure to gain a solid days rest in between hunts and scavenges.

The Honey Badger knows the importance of planning her day to be productive & effective making the most of every second.


Honey badgers catch most of their prey by digging traps after carefully choosing a target using their acute sense of smell.

The Honey Badger clearly practices the law of timing, the law of intuition, & focuses on her strengths instead of her weaknesses.


Honey badgers are literally think-skinned having some immunity to bee stings. She can easily enjoy her honey despite some angry bees.

The Honey Badger does not waste her time with negativity & thrives from constructive criticism & overcoming obstacles.


Honey badgers can dig a hole in sheer minutes with their long claws to hide from predators or catch underground prey.

The Honey Badger can surely dig herself out of any problem & uses her God-given talents to forge her own path to success.


Honey badgers do not have immunity to snake venom, however, many just take a rest after being bitten & go on with their day.

The Honey Badger is surely resilient & not afraid to take repeated risks. Over a period of time it builds character & strength.

our purpose

Humanizing Systems of Care

We at HBHS want to humanize the process of taking care of humans. Providers are drowning in overpowering systems, policies, and procedures that prevent them from truly focusing on the care recipient. By designing practical solutions and reliable systems that support providers, we can get back to the human side of caring for others. 

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our beginnings

Our Early Journey in Mortality Review

This work began with the very specific focus of learning from mortality to improve the quality of healthcare at the Mayo Clinic after little was gleaned from the Global Trigger Tool initiative. What we discovered has forever changed our perception of harm and human care.

The Badger Team

Daniel Whitford

Research Assistant

Shelby Hart

Sr Public Relations Advisor, Education Coordinator & History of Medicine Faculty

Donna Lawson

Research Study Coordinator

Our Emotional Support Team