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In today’s world of scandal-obsessed media, low wages and misaligned government incentives we are devaluing the work of our care givers. In rural communities, elderly care settings and with our veteran’s the situation is dire. A lack of investment and finger-pointing for accountability has simply undermined the efforts of many care workers who go the extra mile to make a positive difference to the lives of our most vulnerable and often lonely citizens.

As a Social Benefit Corporation, we have reduced charges below actual delivery costs for our hospitals, yet with our most vulnerable communities, who need us most, this is still not enough. Responding to these needs requires your help, so we can help.

Will YOU step forward and help your community? ​

“Let’s listen to the voices of care workers, recipients and families, make visible the complexity and privilege of care, and lobby for a better future. People must recognize that care is the work that best demonstrates our commitment to people’s dignity when at their most vulnerable. It’s the work that makes the most profound difference. It is also the work that many of us hope to benefit from in the future.”

Ann Gallagher,
Professor, International Care Ethics Observatory, University of Surrey.

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It takes just $25,000 to provide access for your local care teams to organizational change methods through grace, revenue time for staff to learn, needed technologies to support change and access to subject matter experts from across the globe to end the suffering caused by healthcare delivery. For many systems, this amount is minuscule, yet for those that need it most it is very hard to attain.

Join the movement, act today… Adopt your local hospital, nursing or veterans’ home!​

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HB Healthcare Safety® is a Social Benefit Corporation offering systems-improvement & technology resources to reduce the harm caused by care delivery. We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as the result of system or process failures in care delivery.

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