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IHI 2019 Itinerary

Monday, December 9

~1:00pm-3:00pm: Collaborative Network Volunteer Training / Prep
Location: SLS Marked table outside Forum Exhibit Hall, Cypress Ballroom

~3:30pm-5:45pm: SLS Collaborative Showcase Set-up, Booth 526
Location: Forum Exhibit Hall, Cypress Ballroom

Tuesday, December 10

~10:00 am – 11:00pm SLS Collaborative, Booth 526 (Appts Only)
Location: Forum Exhibit Hall, Cypress Ballroom

~11:00 am – 1:30pm SLS Collaborative Showcase, Booth 526
Location: Forum Exhibit Hall, Cypress Ballroom

~4:30 pm – 6:30pm SLS Collaborative Showcase, Booth 526 Storyboard Reception
Location: Location: Forum Exhibit Hall, Cypress Ballroom

~6:30pm – 9:30PM F2F SLS Dinner (all members invited)
Location: Crystal Ballroom D

~6:30-7:30 pm Cocktails & Networking
~7:30-8:30 pm Dinner with Presentation & Awards
~8:30-9:30 pm Poster Session & Table Topics

Wednesday, December 11

~11:00 am – 1:30pm SLS Collaborative Showcase, Booth 526
Location: Forum Exhibit Hall, Cypress Ballroom

IHI 2018

HBHS held a Pre-Conference learning lab at the IHI Annual Forum educating newcomers of our case reivew methodology. A patient case was first reviewed in traditional methods before SLS™ to reveal new insights to the audience in the process. A couple more cases were reviewed in SLS™ methodology to solidify the audience's understanding of OFIs.​ Dr. Huddleston also discussed the foundations of this work, our non-negotiable guiding principles, the premise for OFI identification, and the seven-step review process. Our Collaborative member volunteers also shared their experiences in implementing SLS™ methodology, recruiting reviewers, and ensuring data protection while adding their expertise to the case review discussion.​​

Thank you to our Collaborative member IHI volunteers for helping to plan, facilitate, and contribute knowledge to the Pre-Conference Learning Lab. Lots of laughs, experiences, and learnings were shared in full Collaborative spirit. Thank you again to Dr. Beth Ballinger, Camille Ciarniello, Dr. Kencee Graves, Melinda Rogers, Dr. Richard Mahr, and Shira Wolf.

HBHS held our 3rd annual F2F Dinner at the IHI Conference this year in Orlando, Florida. We are currently 106 hospitals and counting! We have also calculated that 4,394 patient stories have been reviewed and shared with our Healthcare Safeware® system throughout the SLS™ Collaborative. Dr. Huddleston and Lacey Hart presented new developments and invited Collaborative member input on what could be improved to make this process easier. New training materials were printed for attendees and will be made available to all Collaborative members within Healthcare Safeware®.

Our Clinical Support Specialist, Dalton Shirley, spoke on the new features of Healthcare Safeware® which include a discussion board, enterprise messaging, and bug fixes. The discussion boards will allow Collaborative members the opportunity to communicate with fellow members about questions they have, share their experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest. Enterprise messaging will allow users to interact with other users within your organization.

Several Collaborative members were honored as "honey badgers" that have displayed outstanding tenacity and drive in implementing the Safety Learning System™: Camille Ciarniello, Dr. Nardia Strydom, Dr. Vikram Kumar, Dr. Carol Croft, Dr. Kencee Graves, Dr. Casey Kulsum, Dr. Richard Mahr, Tony Calabria, Dr. Beth Ballinger, Dr. Timothy Jessick, Rebecca Kubala, and Shira Wolf.

Collaborative experiences and personal stories were shared during the dinner. Some memorable quotes include:

"While we are proud of our world-class care, we have better in us and we are going to work hard to make things better."
- Camille Ciarniello, Providence Health Care

"I am not a clinician but I am honored to sit with a physician or nurse and witness their "ah-ha!" moment. It is really special to me to know that I can help provide better care"
- Shira Wolf, Hoag Health Network

Unfortunately, Rebecca Kubala (University of Colorado Health) could not attend the dinner but expressed heartwarming praise for the Collaborative writing, "I have learned so much in the last year and consider your collaborative to be the most important Quality program I have been involved with in my 9 years working in Healthcare Quality."

Thank you to everyone who attended the dinner and to those who participated in video interviews on the spot. We hope in future this type of event will only grow in participation with your continued support and enthusiasm for the Safety Learning System™ Collaborative.

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