HB Healthcare Safety® will work with clients independently to develop a unique coaching and training curriculum for Safety Learning System® implementation. We will further help your organization to create improvement projects based on your organizations size, structure, resources and culture. 

Project Leadership

Project leadership shepherds the process of improvement from implementation to the dissemination of findings.

System Administrators

System administrators are in charge of configuring Healthcare Safeware® and managing hospital(s), users, and cases.

Case Reviewers

Case reviewers are practicing professionals across your organization from multiple specialties and disciplines.

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Case Review Basics

The Importance of
Case Reviewers

Every case is reviewed by a practicing nurse and physician to increase findings, ensure inter-rater reliability, and foster deference to expertise. 

The Implementation Process

1. Socialization

We will offer resources and guidance to gain leadership buy-in at your site(s).

2. Onboarding

We will work with you to customize training and coaching material to your site(s).

3. Configuration

Healthcare Safeware® will be customized and configured to your site(s).

4. Recruitment

Front line staff and project leadership will be recruited and assigned roles.

5. Training

All project staff has role based training available through Thinkific and Webinars.


Participate in
Meaningful Conversations

All cases found to have issues will be presented to a group of multi-disciplinary and -specialty providers during regular case discussion meetings. 

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Empowering New Leaders

The Safety Learning System® is not intended to be controlled by the existing leaders of your organization. It was deigned to create new leaders driven by improvement and lasting change.