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Evidence of Change
from Collaborative Members

A Rapid Shift in Perspective

Many of our Collaborative members have witnessed a change in culture as a result of our review process. Dr. Aaron Lane-Davies speaks about the rapid culture shift at Bronson Healthcare before any systematic changes have been developed.

Improving End-of-Life

End-of-life care has consistency become one of largest OFI categories for our Collaborative members. Dr. Vikram Kumar speaks about the changes made at the Eastern Maine Medical Center to improve their end-of-life care opportunities.

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Implementation Tips
from Collaborative Members

Just Get People Exposed

Camille Ciarniello suggests exposing people to the review process. Especially those reluctant few who may be resistant to a new project or method like SLS.

Temper Your Expectations

Dr. Matthew Schreiber advises future collaborators to temper their expectations on change. Prepare for a marathon and not a sprint.

Plan Ahead of Training

Dr. Kencee Graves gives tips on how to strategically involve key staff during the on-boarding process for quicker implementation & training.

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Collaborative Learnings 2018

Collaborative Member Interviews

Hear how this work has impacted Collaborative members on a personal & professional level.

Honored Collaborative Members

The individuals listed have been honored for outstanding service in the relentless pursuit of freeing healthcare from harm. They have demonstrated exemplary performance in correcting the systems & processes of healthcare delivery to reduce the harm & suffering caused to our patients, their families, ourselves & our loved ones.

2019 Honorees

2018 Honorees

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