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Our Commitment

Facing COVID-19

In this time of uncertainly and intense pressure, our HBHS team is committed to supporting the providers who work tirelessly to care for patients during this worldwide pandemic. We hope our Collaborators will come together and support one another through this time of distress. Each of us have the unique opportunity of belonging to a community of innovators who are willing to learn for the betterment of our patients and fellow providers despite the circumstances. We will continue to foster this form of community and aim to expedite the learning process during this crisis so that we can face COVID-19 intelligently, swiftly, and meaningfully.

The Future of Collaboration

To best leverage and grow our geographically dispersed learning collaborative, we are providing FREE ACCESS TO OUR SYSTEM, to encourage the capture of COVID-19 related events and data. We aim to recruit the providers who may have been sidelined and feel helpless in this time of need. We are opening our learning resources and training opportunities to those outside the front lines. We will hold office hours and training sessions to ensure that your team will obtain the needed real-time patient data and frontline assessments to augment meaningful information for your decision making. Please take advantage of this and share the opportunity with others so we can all contribute in meaningful and efficient organizational learning across the world.

Our learning resources will provide your organization with the unique opportunity to collect near real-time information about how our providers are doing in this time of crisis. With this collection of nearly real-time information we have the opportunity to capture the experience of caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our system can help your organization identify:

How providers are performing under pressure and coping with stress.

Augmented clinical data for COVID-19 patients (outpatient or hospitalized).

How patients are handling this stressful situation.

How non-COVID-19 patients are doing without visitors.

On behalf of our patients, staff, and our whole team, we express our most sincere gratitude.

~The HBHS Team

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