Healthcare Safeware®

monitor constellations
of safety information

Discover the value of our innovative technology

An Innovative Approach to Health IT

Our Healthcare Safeware® technology monitors the negative and positive patient safety trends over time to empower institutions in making informed decisions or changes that will improve the overall quality of patient care and work experiences of providers. This is done by monitoring patient safety information to create actionable information.


Issues present in care delivery during the case review process.


Issues identified through MultiLens consensus to create Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs).


Opportunities for Improvement through Cluster & Common Thread Analyses.


QI projects & leadership action on OFIs by Intentional Knowledge Dissemination.

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Valuable Insights for
Meaningful Change

Are you tired of working hard to track & trend adverse events to create reports that inspire little action from leadership? Our Healthcare Safeware® paired with our training services will help you move the needle toward change by broadening your focus yet target your findings.

our IT solution

Why Collect Data when it Fails to Create Meaningful Change?

That question was our lightbulb moment: we needed to develop a system of capturing actionable insights. While hospitals track and trend adverse events, many of the existing measurement systems do not identify actionable opportunities for improvement nor do they provide any obvious direction for next steps. By contrast, Healthcare Safeware® aids in the discovery of actionable insights through a combination of data gathering, analytics, interpretation and visualization.

Security is our Priority


All data is stored in a MySQL database that is encrypted at rest. All communications have transport layer security.


All internet traffic to the site is encrypted with SSL. PHI is only made available to authenticated users with authorization.


The production environment is hosted on its own dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


AWS follows best practices to be HIPAA compliant. HBHS offers both a PHI and non-PHI version of the software.


All users in the database will register with a unique ID & will be logged out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Fall In Love With Our Features


Healthcare Safeware® is designed to be customized during the Configuration process. Your organizational & leadership structure will be built into the system.


Healthcare Safeware® is easily accessible as a web-based system. Authorized users can access the system with their email, password & an internet connection.


Both a PHI and non-PHI version of Healthcare Safeware® are available depending on your institution's cultural, institutional, or security needs.

EMR Compatible

Healthcare Safeware® can be paired with your EMR. A CSV upload feature is available to ease the process of case & patient information import.


Healthcare Safeware® offers workflow process support guiding users throughout the case review process. Videos & SOPs are available within the Help section.


Healthcare Safeware® is continually evolving to fit the needs of our clients. We are working towards a more predictive technology in future.

Technology that Empowers

Enterprise Integration

Healthcare Safeware® allows for enterprise integration across any number of regions & facilities.

Central Registry

Healthcare Safeware® allows you to collect & store patient stories & system review data at multiple hospital levels.

Meaningful Data

Healthcare Safeware® enables the aggregation & reconciliation of data. It further offers data export for analysis.

Workflow Support

Healthcare Safeware® offers workflow process support to help facilitate the clinically validated review process.

Knowledge Dissemination

Healthcare Safeware® assists in the reporting of findings to optimize hospital-wide learning.


Customize Your

Healthcare Safeware® needs to be customized to your hospital's organizational & leadership structure. System administrators are responsible for the accurate configuration of the software before reviews begin. Actionable information could not be gained from findings & data would cease to be meaningful to your organization without this process of customization

Cluster & common
thread analysis

Discover How to Help
the Greatest Number

Cluster & Common Thread (CCT) analysis allows your organization to discover meaningful ways to improve healthcare for the greatest number of patients & providers. Healthcare Safeware® paired with CCT coaching can help your organization to identify the most pervasive issues in your organization to better develop lasting changes that support both patients & providers. ​

intentional knowledge

Learn to Share with
the Greatest Number

We say 'intentional' knowledge dissemination because reports must be directed in a meaningful way so the greatest number of people can learn from your findings. HBHS will work with you to develop strategies in disseminating knowledge so that nearly everyone in your organization can learn from your findings yet not waste their time with unnecessary reports unrelated to them.

Knowledge Dissemination Outcomes

Care Providers

Lessons learned should be shared will all who cared for the patient even if they were not involved when an OFI occurred.

Care Partners

Anyone involved in the patient's journey should be informed of the patient's experience, outcomes, and OFIs.

Hospital Leaders

Leadership should be informed of OFIs pertinent to their role through a combination of data & storytelling.

Case Reviewers

Actions taken by leadership to fix OFIs should be reported back to reviewers to provide meaning & closure to their hard work.

Quality Staff

Quality staff should be informed of all OFIs to help reconcile their data, strategize improvements, & influence leadership.

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HB Healthcare Safety® is a Social Benefit Corporation offering systems-improvement & technology resources to reduce the harm caused by care delivery. We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as the result of system or process failures in care delivery.

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