Our Healthcare Safeware® technology monitors the negative and positive patient safety trends over time to empower institutions in making informed decisions or changes that will improve the overall quality of patient care and work experiences of providers. This is done by monitoring patient safety information to create actionable information.


Issues present in care delivery during the case review process. Findings are directly input into Healthcare Safeware®.


Issues identified through multi-disciplinary and -specialty case discussions to target findings.


Opportunities for Improvement and Actionable Insights through Cluster and Common Thread Analysis.


Actionable Insights through Intentionally Knowledge Dissemination across your organization and QI projects.

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The Value of a
Central Registry

Our Healthcare Safeware® paired with our coaching and training services will help you move the needle toward lasting change by broadening your focus yet targeting your findings.

Technology that Empowers

Enterprise Integration

Healthcare Safeware® allows for enterprise integration across any number of regions and facilities.

Central Registry

Healthcare Safeware® allows you to collect and store patient stories and system review data at multiple organizational levels.

Meaningful Data

Healthcare Safeware® enables the aggregation and reconciliation of data. It further offers data export for analysis.

Workflow Support

Healthcare Safeware® offers workflow process support to help facilitate the clinically validated review process.