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What's with all the Nature?

We want to heal systems of care and what's more healing than nature? We all know that a few minutes outside will make us feel better. What we know to be true is now supported by numerous scientific studies. Nature not only reduces anger, fear & stress but can also reduce blood pressure, heart rate & muscle tension. Some research has found that having a plant in hospital rooms may reduce a patient's stress & anxiety levels. A plant may help in your work space too!

Nature provides a reprieve from our busy & distracted minds. It's not just about being in nature; rather, having a positive & mindful atmosphere makes a world of difference for your wellbeing. We want to improve the systems of care & team dynamics of your organization to create a supportive & healing culture among care givers where patient's continue to come first but we also make time for each other. We cannot hope to heal patients without actively healing ourselves.

hb healthcare safety®

Discovering New Beginnings from the Past

The ancient Greeks believed life could come from death just as a buried seed sprouts life. Similar to our roots in mortality review, we have been learning from past mistakes to improve the care of future patients. Those who have died or suffered under our care are not lost in the past but provide answers to help us plant the seeds by which future patients are saved.


Dive to Survive!

The Zavodovski Island is an environment of extremes making life exceptionally difficult for its inhabitants – the Chinstrap Penguin. This penguin’s home is an active volcano surrounded by constant storms and violent crashing waves. The Chinstrap must dive into the water for food, however, this is a matter of life and death with jagged rocks and forceful waves awaiting the penguin. The Chinstrap must risk death to eat or die not trying.

Healthcare is similarly an environment of extremes where harm is commonplace & adverse events can erupt at any moment. The only way to improve is to take risks & discover solutions that are lurking beneath the water. We believe that the only way to survive is to dive!


Hard Work &
Practical Solutions

The Ojibwe say that the Beaver did not always have a flat tail. His tail was once exquisite, fluffy, and as soft as a cloud. The tail was impressive, and the beaver could not help boasting about it. Unfortunately, no one was impressed by his beautiful but useless tail. On one fateful day the Beaver cut down a tree in a fit of fury without minding attention. The tree quickly fell crushing his beautiful tail leaving him with a less attractive flat tail. In time, the beaver realized the genius of his tragedy. He could now build better dams, swim faster, and call to friends by tapping his tail in the water!

Like the bushy-tailed beaver, traditional review systems produce flashy numbers and conclusions that appeal to hospital leadership however, these attractive analyses produce little beyond show. Our Safety Learning System® methodology is the tree that crushes showmanship and vanity to erase arrogance and dismissal. Our process is not flashy but instead a practical, efficient, and more effective method of identifying actionable information that will lead to meaningful & practical solutions.

Healthcare Safeware®

Creating Order from Chaos

In an attempt to comprehend the seemingly chaotic heavens, astronomers of past from every part of the globe compiled star catalogues in which the night sky was charted, and constellations were tracked. The stars, no matter how scattered they may seem, have an organized and fixed pattern. Life was given greater meaning by the identification of figures in the night sky and tracking how they moved throughout the year. The heavens did not exist in chaos but moved with harmony in a state of peace.

Our Healthcare Safeware® helps case reviewers to connect the dots between Opportunities for Improvement. This technology aids in the discovery of clusters and trends regarding dangerous patient safety events. The chaotic universe of each hospital becomes more orderly with each case review.

What does the 'HB' stand for?

Honey Badger! That's right, that small carnivore with a reputation for being Africa's most fearless animals despite its small size.

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HB Healthcare Safety® is a Social Benefit Corporation offering systems-improvement & technology resources to reduce the harm caused by care delivery. We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as the result of system or process failures in care delivery.

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