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Start Leading Differently

SLS is not intended to be controlled by the leaders of your organization - it was designed to create new leaders from the trenches & quality offices of your hospital. New leaders have the opportunity to participate in our leadership development coaching to discover their unique potential. Participants will be coached in our leadership values of GRAC3E™ & SPIR4IT™.



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Empowering New Leaders

The Safety Learning System® (SLS) paired with the SLS Collaborative will guide you in a new leadership role throughout the process of improvement. Our Leadership Development coaching goes beyond the implementation of SLS to helping you access hidden talents & to tap into your natural leadership skills.

Leadership Responsibilities

Adopt Systems-Thinking

Systems-thinking is recognizing that the hospital is a system in which everyone is accountable for its failures. We aim to fix system issues and not provider issues.

Encourage a Safety Culture

Creating a culture is what separates a leader from a manager. Leaders should foster a culture of safety in which providers protect not only patients but each other.

Change with Grace

GRAC3E™ is our change methodology that aims to maintain momentum, enhance the experience, & relieve burnout among reviewers.

Facilitate MultiLens Discussion

Leaders are responsible for arranging & facilitating regular multi-disciplinary & -specialty case discussions where providers come to consensus over issues identified.

Practice 'Tough Love'

Leaders should practice 'tough love' for their organization because we all know it could be better for patients & providers. Honest & vigorous advocacy is key.

Select Patient Cohorts

The Safety Learning System® can be used to review any cohort of interest. Many of our Collaborative members start with mortality review to identify pervasive issues.

Lead with Spirit

We feel that the ideal leader embraces the values SPIR4IT™. Our leadership values aim to foster confidence, competency, & calmness in spearheading something new.

Communicate Learnings

Leadership is expected to communicate the learnings of this work throughout the hospital to inspire system change from within the trenches to the boardroom.

Leadership Development

Interpersonal Skills

SLS requires leaders to exhibit interpersonal skills that foster accountability, integrity & honesty.

Self Awareness

An SLS leader must be self-aware if they are to encourage self and organizational awareness among other participants.

Team Building

Leaders will be equipped with with the tools of building enthusiasm, momentum, cooperation & encouragement.

Leadership Style

HBHS will help you to discover a leadership style that fits your personality & cultural needs of your staff.

Culture Change

Our leadership strategies are designed to help you achieve culture change within your organization.


Lead with SPIR4IT™

We believe the ideal leader embraces the values of SPIR4IT™. These values encourage you to become confident in your role while enabling the unique talents of your team shine through. HBHS offers leadership development exercises designed to help you to assess the qualities & capabilities of your team & within yourself to create a rewarding experience for everyone.


Change with GRAC3E™

GRAC3E™ is the change management & leadership methodology we have developed o help you encourage resilience & support among your team. Our exercises in GRAC3E™ enable introspective leadership & compassion for one's team to elevate the experience of change.

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