Global Patient Safety Forum – Sepsis Focus

Dr. Jeanne Huddleston, our lead speaker this month, focuses on Sepsis as one of the most common “Opportunities for Improvement” and a great area to have impact.  Dr. Huddleston is the leading researcher in mortality reviews at the Mayo Clinic.  Our national surveys have revealed that opportunities of omission and sepsis in particular have been […]

2016 Annual Benefit Report

HBHS maintained its goal in 2016 of its safety learning system activities with significant investment in its Health technology, Healthcare Safeware, driving continuous safety improvement through an iterative approach providing immediate insight into performance against known gaps and their common causes. Our approaches for fostering healthcare free from harm leverages “systems thinking”—recognizing that the hospital […]

Great Learning from Our Early Journey

Patty Atkins, RN, MS, CNS, CPPS, is responsible for Quality, Patient Safety and Lean Six Sigma for Sharp HealthCare, the largest healthcare system in San Diego, CA. She will share the terrific learning her organization has gleaned from mortality reviews, having worked with Dr. Jeanne Huddleston from the Mayo Clinic who are the leaders in […]

Mayo Clinic Engineer Says Healthcare Analytics Need A System-Based Approach

Healthcare IT News, Mike Miliard ‘For every single problem you must have a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary team. The low-hanging fruit in healthcare is gone. Now every problem is going to be hard.’ Frontline clinicians appreciate the need for data-driven insights, but they’re also overwhelmed with the competing mandates of quality improvement and cost-reduction, says Jeanne M. […]

2015 Annual Benefit Report

At HBHS, we’ve brought together clinical expertise and goal of developing an advanced patient surveillance technology to end the suffering caused by healthcare delivery. Our focus has been to help providers pin point the common causes of patient deterioration, develop processes to address gaps, and provide the design for a technology solution that will monitor—in […]