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Our Safety Learning System™

Our Safety Learning System® (SLS) is a holistic methodology designed to identify the vulnerabilities, in the systems and processes of care delivery, creating daily challenges for providers. Using a continuous loop of organizational innovation and learning, these system vulnerabilities and provider challenges are translated into opportunities for improvement. This system creates meaningful (understandable, measurable and improvable) knowledge; which must be used to inspire and influence leadership for lasting change.


Where your organization can improve in care delivery by discovering & classifying Opportunities for Improvement within patient charts.


From identified Opportunities for Improvement to develop meaningful, right-size, & cost-effective quality improvement projects.


Lessons learned from case review & MultiLens Discussions as broadly as possible to help providers and hospitals improve care for thousands of patients.

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Why Change Healthcare?

Patient harm is the fourteenth leading cause of morbidity & mortality in the world. We believe the majority of patient harm is due to system & process failures in care delivery. The problems existent in healthcare delivery urgently require a systems approach - not an individual one.

Working for You

What's Your Goal?
We'll Help You Get There

  • Lower Mortality Rate
  • Lower Length of Stay
  • Relieve Suffering at End of Life
  • Extend Reach of Palliative Care Resources
  • Implement Meaningful QI Initiatives
  • Culture Change
  • Actually Fix Something
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Proven Results

We Tend to Use the
Word 'Meaningful' a lot...

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the data but no change? We felt the same until we changed our focus: to discover a meaningful way to learn about process & system failures within our organization. We defined meaningful as understandable, measurable, and improvable. From meaningful work came actionable data that inspired real change. We've only done meaningful things since.

The Improvement Process

The SLS method of learning from patient and provider experiences pinpoints the most common opportunities in healthcare, provides the technology solution with standardized workflow and taxonomy to uncover, define and quantify system vulnerabilities. This data is translated into the meaningful design parameters required to launch targeted performance improvement initiates. The method begins as a modified Delphi approach to learning from patient and provider experiences and progresses to create meaningful advances in care delivery by leveraging systems, reliability, and human factors engineering principles.


About system & process issues present across healthcare systems.


A team of system-thinkers to identify issues present at your institution.


Issues identified across your institution to find clusters & common threads.


Lessons learned throughout your institution to increase organizational awareness.


Leadership to implement real changes & hospital staff to change practice.

Safety Learning System® Services

Continuous Education

We will take the fearful plunge with your organization into uncharted waters to explore the hidden causes of patient harm within healthcare delivery.

Coaching & Training

We will guide your organization in building a foundation of committed staff members trained in systems-thinking.

Healthcare Safeware®

Our Healthcare Safeware® technology aids in the discovery, classification, and monitoring of constellations within a chaotic sky of patient safety information.

SLS Collaborative

Join our growing family tree of healthcare revolutionaries devoted to ending patient harm on a worldwide scale.

Outcomes of a Safety Learning System®

Enforced Reliability

System review leads to insights that allow for systems to be redesigned in a way that enforces reliable care: right person, right place, right time, right provider.

Right-Size QI Initiatives

Local implementation gives hospitals the power to determine what changes will be made & how they will be instituted depending on their individual needs, local culture & available resources.

Situational Awareness

Practicing providers that participate in case review will ultimately improve their situational awareness. They are given the opportunity to learn about how everyone in the hospital performs.

Culture Change

Providers will become more collaborative in their effort to care for a patient because of our respect for the principles of deference to expertise & MultiLens discussion.

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Finding the Missing Link to
Healthcare Improvement

Our process does not replace current quality improvement projects at your hospital but supplements or enhances the work already being done. Many of our Collaborative members have found this process to be the missing link to their long struggle in implementing change primarily because of the standardization of review & refocusing of quality improvement efforts to target what matters most.


Providing a Great Experience for Everyone

This work goes beyond better systems to providing greater work & care experiences for providers & patients. The result is providers improving their care by proactively avoiding the mistakes of others to provide a better course of care for patients collectively rather than independently.

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Making Everyday Issues
Visible to Leadership

Our case review process targets everyday issues that go unreported until they become inherent characteristics of care even when they cause harm to our patients. Many of these issues or barriers are completely invisible to leadership but are a reality to the providers who participate in case review.

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HB Healthcare Safety® is a Social Benefit Corporation offering systems-improvement & technology resources to reduce the harm caused by care delivery. We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as the result of system or process failures in care delivery.

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