A New Perspective

At HBHS, we bring together expertise with advanced workflow and analytics technology to promote organizational learning and change that will end the suffering caused by healthcare delivery. Our focus is to use actionable data and information to stimulate cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental dialogue to cut though the cultural and system barriers. This facilitates the pin-pointing of common causes of patient harm in hospital systems and processes, provides the technology solution to monitor the actions and inactions that lead to harm, and develop processes to address these failures in care delivery.

Our Safety Learning System™

Failures in optimal healthcare delivery can happen to any one of us, on any given day. Our Safety Learning System (SLS)™ aims to identify the process of care and system failures that get in the way of providers doing their best job every day. The purpose is to discover Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs) by reviewing the patient journey – not outcome. The objective is to collect actionable information that will lead to meaningful change. The process is a cultural re-frame that encourages excellence in care delivery.

Adopting SLS™ methodology means moving beyond simple improvements such as lowering mortality rates or reducing readmission. Those who embrace SLS™ aim to fix the process of care and system failures that allow providers to cause harm and will continue to cause harm unless meaningful action is taken. 


We tend to use the word ‘meaningful’ a lot at HBHS. We define meaningful as: understandable, measurable, and improvable. When we say ‘meaningful’ we mean lasting results and not just quick fixes. 

A Systems Engineering Approach

SLS™ is founded on deference to expertise: turning to those who know the work best. HBHS believes in welcoming outside expertise in order to improve healthcare on  more effective level. 


Our services are steps within the Safety Learning System™. Services may be utilized seperately, however, we do beleive following this methodology will lead to the most meaningful change in your organiation and healthcare overall.

1. Education

We will take the fearful plunge with your organization into uncharted waters to explore the hidden causes of patient harm. Discover the power of meaningful learning through our educational services that are intended to prepare your staff in adopting our SLS™ methodology and in becoming system thinkers.

2. Coaching

We will guide your organization in building a foundation of committed staff members trained in systems-thinking. We will further train your team in how to perform in-depth case reviews using our system review method and Healthcare Safeware® technology.

3. Healthcare Safeware®

Our Healthcare Safeware® technology aids in the discovery and identification of constellations within a chaotic sky of OFI findings. This technology serves as a central registry to record case review findings and further monitors the actions and inaction that lead to harm in your hospital or organization.

4. SLS™ Collaborative

Members of our SLS™ Collaborative are devoted to improving healthcare and do so by sharing lessons learned with other members in order to create widespread change. Collaborative members are given the added benefit of belonging to a family of revolutionaries committed to ending patient harm on a worldwide scale.

5. Research

Publication opportunities in our research program allow Safety Learning System™ adopters to inspire other providers to take the fearful plunge into meaningful learning and start their journey toward lasting change.

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