SLS™ Collaborative

A Family of Innovators

The Safety Learning System (SLS)™ Collaborative is a growing group of Australian, Canadian, and American medical systems moving beyond mortality review and simply counting and trending adverse events. We are defining, measuring and improving the process of care and system failures that contribute to the suffering and harm of our patients and providers while providing support for one another. SLS™ Collaborative members help our business to grow and medical centers thrive on a worldwide scale! This Collaborative is truly a family of innovators.

The Collaborative Experience

SLS™ Collaborative members are committed to our vision of healthcare free from harm and not simply reducing their mortality rates. The Collaborative experience is a process of wisdom. We go beyond just facts and knowledge to understanding the lessons learned leading to meaningful change and excellence in care. SLS™ Collaborative members are dedicated to continual learning, improving the provider-patient experience, and innovating healthcare systems on a worldwide scale.


For participating medical centers, the SLS™ Collaborative will:

Identify and categorize types of failures in care delivery

Define the common causes of failure in care delivery existent at your site(s)

Quantify the prevalence of failures in care delivery and prioritize those with the most potential for meaningful change

Discover and share the difference in findings between institutions

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Worldwide Change
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