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A Family of Caring Innovators

The Safety Learning System® (SLS) Collaborative is a growing group of American, Australian, Canadian and Saudi Arabian medical systems moving beyond simply counting & trending adverse events. We are defining, measuring, and improving the process of care & system failures that contribute to the suffering & harm caused to our patients & providers.


Get tips & tricks from fellow collaborators. Also learn more about their improvement results.


We have reached over 100 collaborative members and counting across the world! Click below to view them all.


Hospitals have the resources to pay for our services but rural or community health often gets left behind.


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opportunities to collaborate

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are monthly webinars allowing collaborative members to participate & share their experiences or learnings throughout the process. All past webinars will be made available to members.

Past webinars include:

  • Localizing the SLS Implementation Journey
  • Refining Your Approach to Reviews
  • End of Life Opportunities: Collaborative Learnings


Collaborative members have the option to publish their findings in academic journals. Our first publications are currently in the review process & are set to be published in the near future. View our resources page for other publications & webinars on the Collaborative.

discussion boards

Discussion boards are available to Collaborative members within our Healthcare Safeware® technology. Users can discuss important topics on the improvement process with other reviewers, project leaders, and system administrators from across the world.

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Benefits of a Research & Learning Collaborative

SLS Collaborative members are committed to our vision of healthcare free from harm and gaining wisdom in the process. We are dedicated to continual learning, improving the provider-patient experience, and innovating healthcare systems on a worldwide scale by learning together & fostering a community of support.

Collaborative Member Interviews

Hear how this work has impacted Collaborative members on a personal & professional level.


Experience Empowerment Beyond the Learning

Our Collaborative goes beyond the facts & data to provide a community of support to providers who may be drowning in the chaos of healthcare. We seek to diminish burnout by fostering forgiveness, camaraderie, and empowerment within your hospital & between collaborative member institutions. The first step in this journey is to recognize that individuals are rarely at fault for harm caused.

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HB Healthcare Safety® is a Social Benefit Corporation offering systems-improvement & technology resources to reduce the harm caused by care delivery. We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as the result of system or process failures in care delivery.

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