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The proper dissemination of case review findings could not be done without system administrators who are in charge of configuring & managing our Healthcare Safeware® technology. System administrators are essential to guiding case reviewers, safeguarding PHI, managing patient cases, preparing for MultiLens discussion, aggregating findings & disseminating the learnings.



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Healthcare Safeware®

Value of a Central Registry

A central registry is essential to the standardization & reconciliation of case review findings. It further allows for broader findings to recorded that can be shared with everyone in an organization. Our Healthcare Safeware® acts as a central registry for your organization and allows for data to be meaningfully aggregated & disseminated throughout each hospital.

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Customize Your Findings

Configuration allows for Healthcare Safeware® to be customized to your hospital's organizational & leadership structure. System administrators are responsible for the accurate configuration of the software before reviews begin. It can be a lengthy process but we can't stress the importance of this step enough. Actionable information could not be gained from findings & data would cease to be meaningful to your organization without this process of customization.

Technology Designed with You in Mind

Healthcare Safeware® offers six key components to ease the work of system administrators:

Workflow Process Support

Generated emails & reminders are sent on your behalf. Yourself & reviewers will be guided throughout the process.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise-level system administrators can compare findings within & across institutions.

Upload & Export Features

A CSV upload features is available to ease case entry & all findings can be exported for reporting.

Reporting & Analytics

The software collects finalized OFIs on your behalf to generate reports such as Pareto diagrams or heat maps.

On-Demand Help Resources

The software provides on-demand learning materials including videos, SOPs, and workbooks.

System Admin Responsibilities

Adopt Systems-Thinking

Systems-thinking is recognizing that the hospital is a system in which everyone is accountable for its failures. We aim to fix system issues and not provider issues.

Configure Healthcare Safeware®

System administrators are responsible for the configuration of Healthcare Safeware®. Configuration allows for data to become meaningful & actionable to your hospital.

Manage Users

System administrators are responsible for supervising Healthcare Safeware® use by inviting users, authorizing users, and removing users from the software.

Prepare Cases for MultiLens Discussion

System administrators are responsible for preparing cases for multi-disciplinary & -specialty case discussion by ensuring the issues identified are consistent & complete.

Practice 'Tough Love'

System administrators should practice 'tough love' for their organization because we all know it could be better for patients & providers.

Case Entry & Assignment

System administrators are in charge of entering cases into Healthcare Safeware® and assigning reviewers each case. A convenient CSV upload feature is available.

Supervise Review Workflow

System administrators must ensure timely and efficient case review completion from case entry and assignment to the aggregation of learnings.

Finalize Cases for Reporting

System administrators are responsible for finalizing cases by ensuring the OFIs decided upon in case discussion are consistent & accurate for reporting.

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