The System offers six key components:

  • Workflow process support to facilitate & manage the clinically validated process for Case Reviews
  • Registry to record patient stories and collect system review data
  • Provide the aggregation and reconciliation of data at multiple levels
  • Provide close the loop functionality to obtain further information from practice areas
  • Provide data export for analysis and reporting
  • Enterprise integration across any number of regions and facilities
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The System is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and follows industry best practices for securing Protected Health Information (PHI) and other data stored in the application.

  • The production environment is hosted on its own dedicated VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) on Amazon's server infrastructure.
  • All data is stored in a MySQL database that is encrypted at rest, and all communications between the application and the database are within the VPC private network and have transport layer security.
  • File uploads are stored in a protected file storage solution provided by Amazon (Amazon S3), and access to these documents is tightly controlled so that only the application itself has access to provide temporary links to the documents for viewing and downloading.
  • The application allows authorized users to login and access reviews and cases that they have access to. Enterprise administrators can control which users have access to different levels of data for each hospital, and can customize these roles to meet their enterprise’s needs.
  • All internet traffic to the site is encrypted with SSL, and all PHI is only made available to authenticated users with the authorization to access it.

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