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Healthcare Safeware® Technology

Healthcare Safeware® is a web-based Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) workflow tool that facilitates case review completion, record qualitative and quantitative information about each case, tracks new OFI learning shared within the hospital and corporate level structure, and create the ability to capture the patient story and their hospital journey resulting in the capture of actionable insights for system improvements. The tool can be integrated with your EMR to allow for automatic entry of demographic and relevant clinical information. The tools configurable tables and charts allow for ease of administration of reporting.

That Light Bulb Moment

Why collect data when it fails to create meaningful change? That was our lightbulb moment: to develop of system of capturing actionable data. Safeware aids in the discovery of meaningful insights through a combination of data gathering, analytics, interpretation and visualization. Our Safety Learning System™ goes beyond accumulating knowledge to understanding the boundless information in front of us that is just waiting to be discovered and acted upon.


Our Healthcare Safeware® technology is an innovative electronic surveillance approach to the detection of omissions and commissions found through the Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) system. Rather than only identifying process of care or system failures through detailed chart review, this system evaluates every hospitalized patient (regardless of survival or diagnoses) for the common failures fount through OFI identification. Use of this electronic surveillance frees up human resources in order to perform targeted reviews and add to new learning. By evaluating all patients in all hospitals, a much more thorough understanding of corporate-wide OFIs can be achieved. This creates a more accurate way of measuring the impact of process improvement initiatives.



File uploads are stored in a protected file storage solution provided by Amazon (Amazon S3) and access to these documents is tightly controlled so that only the application itself has access to provide temporary links to documents for viewing and downloading.


All data is stored in a MySQL database that is encrypted at rest, an all communications between the application and the database within the VPC private network lending transport layer security.


The production environment is hosted on its own dedicated VCP (VIrtual Private Cloud) on Amazon’s server infrastructure.


All internet traffic to the site is encrypted with SSL and all PHI is only made available to authenticated users with the authorization to access it. A Non-PHI disclosure option is also available.


The application allows authorized users to login and access reviews and cases that they have access to. System administrators can control which users have access to different levels of data for each hospital, and can customize these roles to meet their enterprise’s needs.

Inspiration Moment

The Art of Astronomy

Creating Order From Chaos

The ancients looked to the stars to better understand the complex universe. In an attempt to comprehend the seemingly chaotic heavens, astronomers from every part of the globe compiled star catalogues in which the night sky was charted and constellations were documented. A meaningful picture was created from billions of tiny sparks. Astronomy became not only a science but an artform.

The stars, no matter how scattered they may seem, have an organized and fixed pattern. Life was given greater meaning by the identification of figures in the night sky and tracking how they moved throughout the year. The heavens did not exist in chaos but moved with harmony in a state of peace. This divine order is known as the cosmos.

Our Healthcare Safeware® helps case reviewers to connect the dots between Opportunities for Improvement. This technology aids in the discovery of clusters and trends regarding dangerous patient safety events. The chaotic universe of each hospital becomes more orderly with each case review. A meaningful picture is created and actionable information is discovered.

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