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Behind the Scenes at HB healthcare Safety

Social Benefit

HB Healthcare Safety® (HBHS) is a Social Benefit Corporation actively pursuing an end to all pain and suffering caused by failures in care delivery through a combination of continuous organizational learning, case-based review rooted in systems engineering, and actionable insight technology.

HBHS was founded through Mayo Clinic ventures by Dr. Jeanne M. Huddleston and Lacey A. Hart in 2015.


Jeanne M. Huddleston is an active U.S. Army Reserves wife, proud mother, and dedicated physician-engineering with over twenty years’ experience in healthcare quality and safety.

Determined to Succed

Honey badgers will catch large crocodiles & pythons as well as highly venomous cobras & the feared black mamba.

Nothing is safe from the Honey Badger wit! The honey badger is determined to success & is unafrid of larger-than-life-challenges.

Strong Willed

Honey Badgers are literally thick-skinned having some immunity to bee stings. She can easily enjoy her honey despite some angry bees.

The Honey Badger does not waste her time with negativity & thrives from constructive criticism & overcoming obstacles.

Resilient to Change

Honey Badgers do not have immunity to snake venom; however, many take a rest after being bitten & go on with their day.

The Honey Badger is surely resilient & not afraid to take repeated risks. Over a period of time this builds character & strength.

Highly Resourceful

The Honey Badger is rarely spotted at waterholes as most of her water requirements are derived from food, eggs, and melons.

The Honey Badger is highly resourceful & not only survives but thrives making use of what is at her disposal.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

What does the HB Stand For?

Honey Badger! That’s right, Africa’s most fearless animal despite it’s small size. 

The Badger Team

Jeanne M Huddleston, MS, MD

CEO & Systems Engineering Faculty

Daniel Whitford

Research Lead

Andrea Kilen

Director of Operations

Rebecca Kubala

Project Management Faculty

Donna Lawson

Research Study Coordinator

Kristi Harsh

Training Faculty