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At HBHS, we bring together expertise required to create continuous organizational learning rooted in data collection from case reviews, innovation, and improvement. Our focus is to use actionable data and information to stimulate meaningful cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental dialogue to cut through cultural and system barriers.

This facilitates the pinpointing of common causes of patient harm in their systems and processes, provides the technology solution to monitor action and inactions that lead to this harm, and develop processes to address these failures of care delivery. A supported software solution provides workflow support to complete the case reviews required to learn about patient and provider experiences.

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Organizational Learning

Our Continuous Organizational Innovation, Improvement and Learning (COI2L) framework will help your organization excel at quality improvement.

Case Review Education

HBHS offers case review education rooted in systems engineering for frontline staff to facilitate deference to expertise in quality work.

Coaching & Training

Administrative staff will be equipped with onboarding, implementation, and data analytics coaching and training for swift change management.

Actionable Insight Tech

Our Healthcare Safeware® technology is built to give your organization the actionable insights it needs to create meaningful change that lasts.

Industry Collaboratives

HBHS has partnered with healthcare institutions and correctional facilities across the United States and Canada in research and learning.

Hope & Healing

Our partnership with Hope and Healing provides leadership development and personal resiliency coaching for our collaborative members.

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Tony Calabria


“We are identifying opportunities that, because there was no negative impact on the patient, may not have ever been recorded or reported.”

Patty Atkins


“We are able to share those secrets to performance improvement that are not typical but the high, hard things to improve.”

Shira Wolf


“Using SLS has allowed me to leverage the engineering principles that I want to teach in a way that is already packaged for clinicians.”

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