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Diving Deeper: The Power of Shared Learning

The Safety Learning System® allows your organization to go beyond the boundaries of peer review by allowing providers to speak about the toughest cases at your organization in a safe environment protected by anonymity and systems focus on issues. SLS works to break down silos by hosting multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty meetings that allow for case review learnings to be shared with everyone. 

For years, from a traditional quality standpoint, we have been working on peer review. What we had noticed over a period of time was that the depth of the case was being lost. When there were opportunities, those were often missed because we focused solely on the patient dying rather than what we could have learned from the death of that patient. When we first heard about this system through Dr. Huddleston, it really impressed us as an alternative model for digging deeper into the patient’s story so that we could understand more where we had specific opportunities for care. 

Mike Stuart

Valerie Craig, MAOM, RN, BSN

Uncover the Right Issue to Focus On

Making Problems Visible with Meaningful Data

The Safety Learning System® process will allow you to gain meaningful data that encourages leadership to act. This is because our finalized data is agreed upon with 100% consensus by a group of multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty providers across your hospital. This sends the message to leadership that an organizational problem, not a personal issue, exists at your site and needs to be fixed.

One of the things I find the most challenging in healthcare is the lack of documentation and data on findings. There are a lot of groups in disparate  systems that all review charts. Their findings or what they’re looking for is very specific…they’re not looking for broader findings and they’re not documenting those findings even if they happen to come across it because it’s not what they were looking for. What this [SLS] allows me to do is gather the data from everything into a centralized place that can help us move the needle, help us find the right change, and help the organization understand what change they should be focused on.

Mike Stuart

Shira Wolf, BSE

Standardize Your Quality Improvement

Finding the Missing Link to Systems improvement

Our process and systems improvement solutions do not replace the quality improvement work being done at your hospital. Rather, they work to enhance the improvement work you’re already doing.

We had started a mortality review process in the past which was very helpful for us. The problem was, we weren’t very consistent. We didn’t have a regular process to do mortality reviews. We didn’t have a regular process to teach docs and nurses how to do the reviews and so the reviews varied by clinican. That became a big problem for us…so seeing what this system brought for us was really the missing link to really improve what we were doing already.

Mike Stuart

Timothy Jessick, DO

Facilitate Meaningful Conversations

The Benefits of MultiLens Discussions on cases

One of the most valuable components of the Safety Learning System® is our inclusion of multidisciplinary and multi-specialty meetings in which case review findings are discussed and agreed upon with 100% consensus for finalization. These meetings help to break down the silos of your organization and foster situational awareness among participants to improve their practice.

There’s nowhere else in our system where you have a group of people coming together to talk about something that could have been done better and not arguing. People leave that room knowing they learned something that they can do better personally but also knowing that they’ve helped identify something that helps make someone else better. They don’t even know who that person is. But, the fact that they know that they’ve helped make someone else better provides so much satisfaction in the process.  

Mike Stuart

Matthew Schreiber, MD, MHS

Discover, Finalize, and Share Actionable Insights

The Value of a Central Registry for Case Review

Our actionable insight technology, Healthcare Safeware®, acts as a central registry for your case review findings. The software allows you to collect unlimited Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs) identified by case reviewers, finalize those OFIs for further analysis, and disseminate the lessons learned to appropriate audiences across your organization.

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