HB Healthcare Safety® (HBHS) is a Social Benefit Corporation actively pursuing an end to all pain and suffering caused by failures in care delivery. We offer systems-improvement education, coaching, and technology services to help your organization design reliable systems that protect care providers and recipients from harm.

Safety Learning System®

Create lasting change that will protect patients and providers from harm with our systems-improvement methodology.

Healthcare Safeware®

Track and trend Opportunities for Improvement in patient care with our web-based technology.

Research & Learning Collaboratives

Join a community of improvement-driven professionals from your industry seeking to end harm in care delivery.

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Our Safety Learning System®

The Safety Learning System® (SLS) is a systems improvement methodology that brings together advanced workflow and analytics technology to promote organizational learning and change that will end the suffering caused by healthcare delivery.

Outcomes of a Safety Learning System®

Enforced Reliability

Systems are redesigned in a way that enforced reliable care: right person, right place, right time, right provider.

Right-Sized Projects

Improvements are implemented based on organizational need, culture, and available resources.

Situational Awareness

Practicing providers that participate in case review will ultimately improve their situational awareness.

Culture Change

Providers will become more collaborative in their effort to provide care because of systems-thinking tenants.


Finding the Missing
Link to Improvement

Our process does not replace current quality improvement projects at your institution but enhances the work already being done. 

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Evidence of
Meaningful Change

Many of our Safety Learning System® Collaborative members have implemented meaningful changes in their institutions with the Safety Learning System® to improve quality of care.