Education & Coaching

We help healthcare systems pin point the common causes of patient harm in their systems and processes with a systems engineering approach.

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Join our Multi-Center Collaborative to identify, categorize, and quantify opportunities for improvement across hospitals in the US, Canada & Australia.

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We provide technology solutions that monitors the action and inactions that lead to harm; provides aggregation & reconciliation of data

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Healthcare Delivery Free From Harm

HB Healthcare Safety, SBC (HBHS) believes that no one should ever suffer (emotional or physical or mental) or die as a result of process of care or system failures and by no one, we mean patients & families as well as the care teams.

In July 2014, a US Senate hearing declared that 400,000 American lives were lost every year secondary to failures of health care delivery (adverse events &diagnostic errors). For decades people have been counting adverse events, yet very little action has been taken to resolve the process and system failures that lead to the adverse events.

Our focus is to help healthcare systems pin point the common causes of patient harm in their systems and processes, provide technology solution(s) that will monitor the action and inactions that lead to harm, and develop processes to address failures of care delivery.


"Your passion and commitment are inspiring. We look forward to learning a lot from you."
- MD, Parkview

"The findings of missed opportunities was really powerful early on." – Patty Atkins, RN, MS, CNS, CPPS, Sharp Healthcare

"I thought coaching was fantastic! I am embarrassed to say that we did an RCA on that case and missed the salient features in the process. This is going to be a great process. Keep going!!" -  MD, Tasmania Health Service

"We have so many unsung heroes in healthcare and we are so grateful to you for giving us a new way to serve." - MD, TMIT Panel Member

"Today was a great kick-off to our organization's participation. I was encouraged by the engagement and discussion that your presentation and reviews generated. I honestly feel like that was some of the best multi-disciplinary interchange that I've seen in our institution." – Clinical Quality Specialist, BSN, UCHealth

"I can't thank you enough and urge everyone to share, share, share all of this wonderful information that will inevitably save so many lives in the future." - MD, TMIT Attendee

"The training was a breath of fresh air. The openness and transparency is very welcome. Bring it on!!"- MD, Tasmania Health Service

"You would both be proud to learn that we completed another round of committee meetings and had some excellent case discussions. Both physicians and RNs have started to become more engaged in the process and we had some very robust and meaningful conversations (with a lot of OFI identification)." Project Leader, Methodist Health System