On A Mission

HB Healthcare Safety, SBC (HBHS) believes that no one should ever suffer (emotional or physical or mental) or die as a result of process of care or system failures and by no one, we mean patients & families as well as the care teams. As a Social Benefit Corporation we have a solid foundation for our long term mission alignment & value creation protecting our mission through capital raises & leadership changes.

We believe that the pain, harm and death caused by failures of healthcare delivery is a societal issue and public health problem.  We have a moral obligation to learn as much as possible about what needs to be fixed to end this suffering caused by healthcare delivery.  The expense caused by these failures is prohibitive (more than one billion dollars per year spent treating the infections that hospitals give people).

Our focus is to help healthcare systems pin point the common causes of patient harm in their systems & processes, provide technology that monitors the action and inactions that lead to harm, & develop processes addressing failures of care delivery – dollars and lives saved.

Institute of Health

Meet the Team

HBHS was founded through Mayo Clinic Ventures by Dr. Jeanne Huddleston and Lacey Hart on the mission to end suffering caused by healthcare delivery. Neither founder receives remuneration of any kind from HBHS, SBC.



Jeanne Huddleston, MD

President & CEO

Our President & CEO has over twenty years experience in healthcare quality and safety.  Her key motivation is the translation of industrial and systems engineering principles to health care delivery in an effort to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of the healthcare experience for patients, their families and the providers.  She received her MD degree in 1993 from Michigan State University and internal medicine residency at Mayo Clinic. She is a Harvard Macy Scholar (Physician Educator and Leadership Programs) and alumnus of the first class of the Health Forum/NPSF Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship. As a Mayo clinic scholar in the Science of Health Care Delivery, she completed a certificate program in clinical research, from the Mayo Clinic, and a master’s degree in industrial engineering, certificate of statistics, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Arizona State University.  Nationally recognized as a leading expert in Patient Safety over the last eight years, our very own dubbed “Queen of Death”, specializes and is highly passionate about quality improvements to target hospital mortality rates.


Lacey A. Hart, MBA, PMP

Chief of Operations & Finance

Don’t let her size fool you; her TPSI (talent per square inch) is truly off the charts. Our COO/CFO has implemented ERP systems across regional sites with current cumulative savings of $12 Million in product and process efficiencies; restructuring ERP portfolio management services, procedures and processes to address the needs of senior leadership. She has established Project Management Offices within research & innovation spaces newly emerging; laying a foundation for solid project performance tying projects & outcome measures to strategic objectives. Working in the healthcare industry since 1994, She has run stacks of research programs working with HHS, ONC, CaBIG, SHARP, eMERGE and more. Her work in healthcare IT research has tackled issues such as genetic determinates, community care, health exchange and first to incorporate “unmentionable” patient data including money, relationships, and emotions into clinical practice. She has a passion for accelerating advances in business improvements and health-delivery at an infectious rate.

Next Steps...

Want to join the movement to reduce the suffering caused by healthcare delivery; through research, education, initiatives and advocacy?


Honey Badger! That’s right, the Honey Badger, that small carnivore that has a reputation for being, pound for pound, Africa’s most fearless animal despite its small size. Thank you Dr. Taunya Lowe for accurately capturing the spirit of our Wholly Women Owned & Operated Honey Badger leadership team:

The African honey badger is a natural leader! She is:

Relentless, Tenacious, has a reputation for performance, and doesn’t use fear as an excuse - ever!!

Honey badgers are carnivores. They will catch the larger reptiles like crocodiles (1 meter) and pythons (3meters) and include the highly venomous cobras and black mamba in their diet. Larger mammals like, the polecat and particularly young foxes, jackals, antelope and wild cats, are also caught. The honey badger is

Determined to succeed- never afraid of larger than life challenges, and outcomes driven

Honey badgers locate their prey predominantly by their acute sense of smell and catch most of their prey through digging. Honey badgers are accomplished climbers and can easily climb up into the uppermost branches of trees to raid bird nests or bee hives. Thus, the honey badger must be familiar with the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership because she clearly practices:

The law of timing
the law of intuition and
focuses on his strengths instead of her weakness

The honey badger is rarely seen drinking water at the available waterholes, and derived most of their water requirements from their food and melon during seasons when they were available.

She doesn’t associate or waste time with negativity; other badgers who are not like-minded, and is resourceful

Honey badgers have a two-peaked activity pattern with two active periods of 2-8 hours each during a 24 hour period and prolonged resting in burrows or under bushes.

Strategic planners–understands the importance of planning her day

Honey badgers do appear to have some immunity to snake venom. A honey badger bitten on the face shows signs of severe pain but recovers fully within five hours. This immunity may develop over the life time of the honey badgers due to regular contact with small amounts of venom in snakes, scorpions and bees.

The honey badger is surely resilient and not afraid to take repeated risks. Over a period of time it builds character and strength.