Safety Learning System® Collaborative

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Alpha Members

"This collaborative allows me to feel like I’m doing my best to help improve the care of everyone and it’s not just the care of our patients but its also the care of our providers. I see our providers everyday struggling and helping being able to provide them the right care is just as important as the patient."
~Shira Wolf

Beta Members

"As the collaborative grows and we are all working on these really tough challenges, we are able to share those secrets to performance improvement that are not typical but the high hard things to improve."
~Patty Atkins

Gamma Members

"It’s not as simple as providing great healthcare. It’s around a great experience. I know this is the way we’re going to weave all of those pieces together and make this the best experience we possible can."
~Camille Ciarnello

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HB Healthcare Safety® is a Social Benefit Corporation offering systems-improvement & technology resources to reduce the harm caused by care delivery. We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as the result of system or process failures in care delivery.

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