Continuous Organizational Learning

Elevate the Safety Learning System® with Organizational Learning

Sprout a Learning Culture at Your Organization

Our Continuous Organizational Innovation, Improvement, and Learning (COI2L™️) lifecycle facilitates the process of transforming case review findings into actionable information for quality improvement projects. The COI2L™️ flywheel works to elevate the Safety Learning System® process of case review as it encourages learning across your organization and facilitates the integration of that knowledge into your systems and processes of care.

The COI2L™️ lifecycle works for you and will help your organization establish a routine-based system of organizational learning. It integrates change management, systems engineering, and organizational learning methodologies. As a flywheel model, the process takes a significant amount of effort up-front but it will get easier over time and eventually become an integral part of your organization’s health.

Our Safety Learning System®, along with our Continuous Organizational Innovation, Improvement, and Learning (COI2L™️) framework, will allow your organization to:


Where your organization can improve in care by discovering and classifying Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs).


From identified Opportunities for Improvement to develop meaningful, right-size, and cost-effective quality improvement projects.


Lessons learned from case review and MultiLens Discussion as broadly as possible to help frontline staff improve care in daily practice.

Maintain Learning


Our process of organizational learning is continuous or never-ending. COI2L™️ and the Safety Learning System® can be adopted over and over again by studying different patient populations or revisiting past cohorts with new intentions.

Learn from the Past

History Dependent

The Safety Learning System® allows organizations to learn from the experiences and interactions of care teams, providers, and patients through case review. COI2L™️ facilitates the process of identifying Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs), learning from those OFIs to create project design requirements, and disseminating learning across your organization so everyone can learn.

Locally Implement


The COI2L™️ lifecycle allows you to tailor every step of the process including case review, team recruitment, case discussions, data analysis, and knowledge dissemination. This allows you to closely target all improvement efforts for greater impact.

The Flywheel

Continuous organizational improvement involves a set of repetitive actions and activities that are consistently reviewed, measured, and acted upon. This process of continuous action acts like a flywheel in which momentum builds over time resulting in greater speed over time. 

A flywheel is different than a regular wheel because it uses angular momentum to store rotational energy. As you turn a flywheel, momentum builds over time, resulting in greater speed and inertia. Similarly, Safety Learning System® work just gets easier with time with the help of our COI2L™️ flywheel.

Continually Persued

The Steps of COI2L™️


Our Continuous Organizational Innovation, Improvement, and Learning (COI2L™️) framework will help your organization excel at quality improvement.


Organizations will align their implementation journey (cohort selection and reviewer recruitment) with local culture and strategic priorities.


Organizations will begin performing case reviews and holding consensus meetings to identify Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs). ​

Innovate & Improve

Organizations will utilize Cluster and Common Thread Analysis and Failure Modes Effect Analysis (or other appropriate tools) to analyze data and create meaningful change.


Organizations will share each piece of knowledge generated with the most appropriate audience through Intentional Knowledge Dissemination to facilitate system-level learning.

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