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Continuous Organizational Learning

Any organization that hopes to achieve high reliability must commit to the never-ending aspect of organizational learning. To make this transition easier, we have developed a model for continuous improvement that combines organizational learning methodologies with tactics for achieving innovation and improvement across your organization called COI2L: Continuous Organizational Innovation, Improvement, and Learning. 

This process of continuous learning acts like a flywheel in which momentum builds over time resulting in greater speed over time. The results is a learning health system with organizational learning embedded in their institution’s culture.

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Safety Learning System®

Our Safety Learning System® (SLS) is a holistic case review methodology designed to identify the vulnerabilities in the systems and processes of care delivery creating daily challenges for care providers. Using a continuous loop of organizational innovation and learning, these system vulnerabilities and provider challenges are translated into Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs). This system creates meaningful (understandable, measurable, and improvable) knowledge, which must be used to inspire and influence leadership for lasting change.

SLS brings frontline staff into quality improvement by training them to perform efficient case reviews rooted in systems engineering principles. Cases are further discussed among a group of multidisciplinary and multi specialty providers across your instutitons to generate consensus over Opportunities or Improvement (OFIs) identified by case reviewers. The outcome is actionable information that leads to targeted and right-size quality improvement projects. 

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Healthcare Safeware®

Our Healthcare Safeware® is a SaaS solution created to support the Continuous Organizational Improvement, Innovation, and Learning (COI2L) lifecycle. It is designed to learn from frontline experiences by providing a place for the findings to be recorded, aggregate data and create visualizations of the data. The output of the registry includes measurable and discrete findings in order to create actionable information.

The software is a web-based central registry that can be easily accessed with an internet connection. It is designed with a workflow process support that facilitates and manages our clinically validated process for case reviews: the Safety Learning System®.

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Our Safety Learning System® Collaborative is a growing community of Australian, Canadian, and USA medical systems moving beyond mortality review and simply counting and trending adverse events. We are defining, measuring, and improving those process of care and system failures that contribute to the suffering and harm of our patients and providers.

HB Healthcare Safety offers industry-based collaboratives to fosters interdisciplinary learning among those in fields where professionals oversee or care for others. We have recently launched a Corrections Safety Learning System® Collaborative for correctional facilities and mental health systems to foster a culture of safety.