Our Safety Learning System® (SLS) is a holistic methodology designed to identify the vulnerabilities in the systems and processes of care delivery creating daily challenges for care providers. Using a continuous loop of organizational innovation and learning, these system vulnerabilities and provider challenges are translated into Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs). This system creates meaningful (understandable, measurable and improvable) knowledge, which must be used to inspire and influence leadership for lasting change.


Where your organization can improve in care delivery by discovering and classifying Opportunities for Improvement within patient charts.


From Identified Opportunities for Improvement to develop meaningful, right-size, and cost-effective quality improvement projects.


Lessons learned from case review and MultiLens Discussions as broadly as possible to help providers and hospitals improve care for thousands of patients.

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Impetus for the Safety Learning System®

Our Safety Learning System® (SLS) originated from lessons learned over the course of 14 years through the development of the Mayo Clinic Mortality Review System (MRS). What separates the Safety Learning System® from MRS is that SLS can be used to review any cohort of interest from readmission to sepsis.

Safety Learning System® Services

Continuous Education

Equip yourself with systems-thinking methods to identify the hidden causes of organizational harm.

Coaching & Training

Learn how to use your systems-thinking methods in developing meaningful quality improvement projects.

Healthcare Safeware®

Our Healthcare Safeware® technology aids in the discovery, classification, and monitoring of Opportunities for Improvement. 

Research & Learning Collaboratives

Join a community of improvement-driven professionals from your industry in research and shared learning. 

Outcomes of a Safety Learning System®

Enforced Reliability

Systems are redesigned in a way that enforced reliable care: right person, right place, right time, right provider.

Right-Sized Projects

Improvements are implemented based on organizational need, culture, and available resources.

Situational Awareness

Practicing providers that participate in case review will ultimately improve their situational awareness.

Culture Change

Providers will become more collaborative in their effort to provide care because of systems-thinking tenants.


The Value of a Safety
Learning System®

Our process does not replace current quality improvement projects at your institution but enhances the work already being done.

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